Middle Eastern Poses for Playboy

undezcoveredDeziree Ramirez, born in Amarillo Texas on Feb 14, 1983. Deziree started modeling when she was 13, and moved to New York when she was 18, She is the grand daughter of founder of the fashion line which became a big success over the world known as Cache, a women’s upscale clothing line.

Deziree has appeared in many appearances on television shows as well as men’s magazines such as FHM, MAXIM and now in Playboy. This goddess is showing her jewels in her latest Playboy Issue of Playboy Vixens Dec/Jan 08′ Issue, and is soon to be out in 2 new issues later on in the year.(08′)

Undezcovered is what her stage name is, and her new clothing line, which is being featured in America at a few shops in malls across Texas, and New York. It is said the heiress is soon to open up over 34 new stores across America by the end of the year. I certaintly cant wait to see some more of Deziree.

Credits: Print

Playboy: Playboy Men’s Magazine Feb 07; Playboy Vixen Magazine Dec/Jan 08′;

FHM: FHM Men’s Magazine Issue Nov. 06

Maxim: Maxim Men’s Magazine issue sept. 05′.

Undezcovered Calendar 2008 (target stores)

Latex Fetish Magazine(06′)

Credits: Television

Beauty and the Geek -Feature- CWTV Network(08′)

Prison Break -Feature- ABC NETWORK(07′)

Howard Stern -Feature- In Demand Network(06′)

MTV Room Raiders -Feature- MTV Network(06′)

MTV Next -Feature- MTV Network(08′)

Credits: Spokemodel/Promo

Budweiser (07′)

Paula’s Lingerie



Sony BMG/Rampro Records





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